Federal Committee Compliance (Candidates, PACs & Parties)

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We work with Democratic campaigns and committees of all sizes. Whether your committee is just getting started, has had regulatory issues or simply needs to be run more efficiently, CFO can help.

The team at CFO is unique in its skills and experience – it consists of an attorney, an accountant, a national campaign manager and fundraiser and a former FEC staffer. This group of experts can manage or advise on any of the following:

  • Organize and file all FEC & State compliance documents, including quarterly and any special campaign finance reports.
  • Set-up and manage corporate, labor or leadership PACs
  • File all Party committee reports. CFO has particular expertise in the complexity of rules facing parties.
  • Work with multiple committees to fully administer or report proceeds from Joint Fundraising Committees.
  • Train clients on the most common FEC compliance rules. Further, CFO has an extensive form library available to save time and effort recreating documents.

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